PLAYED ON: Tuesday 28 February 2017


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These times are just for guidance and are subject to change, KOKO cannot be held responsible for changes to these show times, please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Please note, this event is 16+

George Mazonakis, one of the biggest stars in Greece, is coming to London for the first time for a special show on February 28th. The multi-platinum singer has experienced profound success throughout more than 20 years of his discography and live performances. He put himself in a continuously changing and evolving process concerning his personal style and his repertoire choices. He has always been known for his crystal clear opinion about his aesthetic directions, his sheer professionalism and the simplicity of his beliefs. It seems that is all about a singer which is hard to compromise in the stereotypical categories that already exist in the Greek music industry.
George’s temperament, unique interpretation and innovative views have changed the way of nightlife, with very successful appearances at famous nightclubs in Athens. London-based Microtone Productions is happy to welcome George and his 10-piece band to London, for the first time in his career, for a special show at KOKO on February 28th.

Please note, you may be required to have your ID scanned at the front door. For more information, please click here.


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